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Type FJS2.5 Fixed Jib (Short)

The type FJS2.5 Fixed Jib (Short) is designed as an affordable general purpose Jib able to manoeuvre in confined spaces, with a 1.96 metre reach when fully extended. This slip-on Forklift attachment is held to the Forklift by a safety chain. The Jibs overall length when closed is 1.3 metres.

The standard finish on the type FJS2.5 Fixed Jib (Short) is Zinc Plated.


• Safe Working Load (SWL) 2500kg Max.

• Enhetsvikt 100 kg

• Load Centre 790mm

• Pocket Size 185 x 65

• Fickcentraler 275 mm

• Horizontal C of G 630mm

• Vertical C of G 135mm

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Ursprungsplats: Fujian, Kina (fastlandet)
Varumärke: HUAMAI
Model Number: TJS2.5
Product Name: Adjustable swing jib fixed tine mounted fork truck jib attachment
Type: TJS2.5
Safe Working Load (SWL): 2500kg Max.
Unit Weight: 100kg
Load Centre: 790mm
Pocket Size:185 x 65
Fickcenter: 275 mm
Horizontal C of G: 630mm
Vertical C of G: 135mm

Maxi Lift Jib.
Maxi Lift Forklift Jib

A heavy duty construction forklift jib designed to offer the solution for handling larger, heavier loads safely. Suitable for lift trucks in excess of 6000kg capacity, the recommended jib of choice for handling large un-palletised loads.

The lifting capacity of the forklift jib is based on the forklift trucks capacity, therefore ensuring the lifting jib can be operated safely within the lifting limits of the forklift truck.

Heavy duty construction to cope with the lifting capacities 6 tonne and above.
Supplied with a hook and shackle as standard.
Fixed beam length up to 2500mm long.
Jib rated to suit the capacity of the lift truck, reducing wear and tear on the lift truck and possibility of overloading.
Multiple hook positions for flexible load handling whilst reducing handling costs.
Long jib arm to reach otherwise inaccessible places.
Large fork pockets for quick and simple fitting.
Heel retaining pins for a safe and secure fitting.
'CE' marked.