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Gaffeltruck utan armarmsklämmor


Klämmor utan arm
Users can make special clamp arm according to your special needs.
Suitable for industry with special requirement
Klämmor utan arm

No-arm clamp is a kind of clamping device that isn't equipped with clamp arm , only have the clamp arm base. Users can make special clamp arm according to your special needs, just welding it on no-arm clamp then can be used. Suitable for industry with special requirements for handling and stacking operation.


*Proven durable T-beam arm aluminium frame construction
*Superior arm-slide bearing for extended service life.
*Regen erative hydraulic valving for optimal arm speed
* Utmärkt förarsynlighet.


*Various mounting classes available
*Custom opening ranges
Mounting Class: Please contact with us for item selection and directions!


namnKapacitet @ Load CenterArtikelnummer.MonteringsklassÖppningsområde
Arm Pad Sizse
No Arm ClampSpridningsaggregat, Sidoförskjutande
[email protected]CNS20D-002AII410-1660232130x565x40
[email protected]CNS30D-003AII465-1810320130x625x45
[email protected]CNS30D-003BIII465-1810338130x625x45
[email protected]CNR20D-004AII410-1655454127x565x40
[email protected]CNR30D-005AII465-1810536125x625x45
[email protected]CNR30D-005BIII465-1810554125x65x45

snabba detaljer

Ursprungsplats: Fujian, Kina (fastlandet)
Varumärke: HUAMAI
Model Number: CNS
Material: Steel and Casting
Mounting Class: 2A/3A
Certificate: ISO9001:2000